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标题:Sounding off as Obama meets the press [打印]

日期:2016-2-25 11:23

dpkronmiller and kbrown0419 were quite outspoken during the 2008 election, and now that the Obama administration has begun, they still have a lot to say.replique montre france replique montre panerai  The two shared their thoughts on President Obama's first primetime news conference with CNN's Nicole Lapin last night. "The one thing that bugs me the most is federal employees getting (a new fleet of) cars, said kbrown0419. "I don't see how environmentally-friendly cars for federal employees (create jobs), She says she would give Obama's performance at the news conference a B-. hublot replica watches "When we're talking about the stimulus bill and buying things, it's money that circulates back into the economy, said dpkronmiller.replica orologi hublot He went on to say that some of the so-called "pork" spending could conceivably be postponed and not hublot replica watches used in this bill. He followed up with an iReport in which he said he would give Obama's <span style="text-decoration: underline;">hublot replica watches</span> performance a B+ for lack of brevity. What do you think about Obama's press conference and his economic stimulus package? Share your thoughts on video.
Week two is underway of getting this stimulus bill passed. I understand that Obama is hublot replica watches trying to include the people of the US in his decision but reality is at the moment republicans are going to do everything it takes and find the smallest things wrong with this bill so that it not only does not pass but it also keeps Obama from accomplishing his goals hublot replica watches while in office. replica orologi italia hublot replica orologi Republicans continue to say that the bill will be spending unnecessary money, but what do the republicans think the US has been doing for the last eight year. Where were these same republicans when the US was passing unnecessary bills and wasting tone of American dollars down the drain? Oh, that is right they were all on board of the wasting of money! hublot replica watches In my opinion, I think that it is time for Obama to pull a "Bush" and veto the bill regardless of what anyone has to say about it! Remember you are the president and you need no one's approval. The US has seen and been through the worse now it is time for us to rise and over come.

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